- Professor Knight, Mr. Kirvin asked me to tell you that... - as soon as Urien had entered the class he understood that something wasn't quite right. He freezed near the doorway and looked at the man, standing by the desk. It wasn't professor Knight. Or it was? But at the same time it couldn't be him. Byrne haven't felt that confused in a long time. The man finally decided to pay his attention to his brand new company, slowly turning away from something he'd been observing earlier. So they were standing face to face now. The dark-haired version of Rudolphus Knight took two steps forward, looking at Byrne with a calm, examining expression.
- A Ravenclaw student. How fascinating. - he spoke, tilting his head slowly. Byrne could swore that he saw a flash of amusement in man's eyes.
- You're not professor Knight. - Urien admitted uncertainly. The man raised a brow and Dorian felt like he has been pinned with this gaze:
- A surprisingly truthful remark. I am not him, no. You're a seventh grade student, right? - Byrne watched as the man halfcircled him, still with his eyes fixed. He felt something like a bell rang in his mind, telling "not really safe, not really". Still he nodded:
- You are quite a detective, I see. - oh, smooth, Byrne, smooth. Just the thing to say to an unknown man you're standing alone in a class with. Bravo. The man smiled shortly, something predatory in this smile.
He moved in a second, so Urien haven't even time to blink as he's been now basically pinned against the wall. Both hands of this absurdly identical to his professor man, despite the color of the hair, of course, placed on either side behind his head. A spark of something hungry and dangerous in man's eyes, which Byrne could now see, also definitely wasn't something possible for professor Knight's personality. Dorian inhaled shortly through his teeth and looked the man directly in the eyes.
- A sharp tongue you have here. I see. - the man laughed deep and low and something in Byrne's stomach flipped. - Such interesting students Rudolph have here and never told me about them. - he tsked and slightly moved closer. Urien cursed in his mind as he understood that he couldn't move, not breaking an eye contact. His wand was in an inside pocket of his jacket. Stupid. Merlin, how stupid. How did he even got sorted to Ravenclaw with such a pathetic tactic of living. Not that it was usual for him to be sort of harassed by a villainously handsome men. Wait. Handsome? Awesome, he's adopted some sort of Stockholm Syndrome already. Also the man was something like an evil twin of his professor. Was Mr. Knight attractive to his taste? Oh, well. Not the right time to think about it.
- So. You do look ridiculously familiar. - the man stated, which gained Byrne's attention back to the current situation. - This eyes certainly have I seen somewhere. Someone from, ah, Gray kin?
So they were back to the small talk thing, despite the position in which they were wasn't really accustomed to it. Nevertheless Urien've been surprised by the man's sudden conclusion. He seemed waiting for an answer, so Dorian responded unwillingly:
- I'm a Byrne.
- Hm. - the man looked satisfied with a reply. - So you might be Siorus' offspring then. Though you look more like your mother. Easter, isn't it? Has been an year elder than me. Truly a nice Slytherin lady was she. Seems funny now how she didn't really seem to like me.
- So you're a Slytherin graduate, aren't you? - Byrne blinked slowly, trying to acknowledge everything that had been said to him. How did this man even know his parents exactly?
- Aren't you a smart thing, boy? - almost purred the man. Oh, yes, Urien was quite a smart thing, he could feel where it was going from like the moment he'd been caged in another man's hands.
- Have met your grandfather twice or more. - the man noted, thoughtfully. - A lovely grandson of his. Must be... Dorian Junior, I guess?
- Urien. Dorian's my granddad's name. Not mine. - he disagreed out of habit and at the same time bit his tongue. Good, now he knew his name. Goodity good, Byrne.
- Dorian does suit you better. And may I note that your grandfather gave you that name willingly. So it's even more yours, than your father's name you bear. - the man smiled cryptically.
- As you have satisfied your interest about my origin. May you now release me. - Dorian, well, damn, yes, it was his name, hesitated a little. - Please?
In spite the man leaned even closer, so their noses were almost touching:
- Why so? You are, as I've calculated, old enough. I'm not your teacher. I do find you rather appealing.
Urien felt his feet went numb as he instinctively clung to the man's arm. He was smart, but yet also stubborn:
- I don't.
- Excuse me? - the man looked startled for a brief second.
- Don't. Find you that appealing. - Dorian smiled shortly, trying to think his exit out of the situation. On the one hand he did find men as attractive as women. But on the other didn't want to admit it for this exact one. One hell of a possessive bastard, as far as he could see.
- But you do. - the simple answer was what came out of man's mouth, which formed in a cold grin. Byrne didn't exactly understand how, but the man's hand ended on his neck, big thumb stroking it in ease. Dorian swallowed, lips parted.
- As I count your pulse... - whispered the man.
- Dear Merlin, Augustus! Step back from Mr. Byrne or I will Stupefy you without a second thought! - Mr. Knight's voice cut the thick air like a blade and broke some kind of a spell Urien had been under. Augustus, that seemed to be the man's name, did step back with a disappointed sigh after a moment. Turning to face certainly displeased Rudolphus, he smiled disarmingly:
- Brother dear, what a surprise to see you with your just perfect timing. Again. - Dorian could hear the poison under the deceptively soft voice. Mr. Knight didn't look like someone who was buying all this performance:
- Get out of my class or i dare you, Augustus, you will regret your decision.
Augustus hesitated, obviously considering the possible outcomes of a situation, and finally walked past Rudolphus, offended:
- Well, if you insist. Duty is calling. I hope we'll meet again, Dorian. - he glanced at Byrne one last time, leaving with a little perky smile.
Once the door had been closed behind him, Rudolphus rushed to Urien, worryingly cupping his face:
- Tell me he didn't do anything to you or I swear I'll go and kill this bastard. Right now and right here. - it was a rare thing to see his professor in a mix of worry and pure rage. Dorian laughed breathlessly:
- No, no. He didn't do anything. No. Just. Talked a lot, I guess. Also no sense of personal space.
Mr. Knight straightened himself and hurriedly removed his hands:
- Here, sit. Take deep breathes. - he leaded Urien to a chair, holding his shoulders now.
- Looks like you need to take deep breathes more than me, professor Knight. - Byrne replied softly.
- Oh, Merlin. One day i certainly will kill that son of a... - he inhaled slowly, ruffling his hair. - I am so sorry you came on him. I haven't been expecting him to ever show up at Hogwarts.
Then there was an awkward pause between them, which Dorian happened to break:
- So... That was you brother, as I understood. - he said uncertainly.
- A twin. However we don't get along as other twins do. Too much opposites we are. He's a true Slytherin, you see. Charming as he can be, will stab you in the back without thinking if he need. Also he's obsessive... Works for the Ministry. You know, they do like such people. Do not know and do not want to know why. - Rudolphus finished, biting his lip. - Just one thing, Urien, can you promise me one thing?
Byrne seemed to be surprised to hear his professor using his name, instead of a surname:
- Sure?
Rudolphus' voice sounded cold and hard:
- Try to not ever meet him again. If he will come to you himself, then don't talk to him. Ignore him. Pretend he's not even here. Or try to stay somewhere crowded. Don't stay alone with him. Just promise me this, okay?
- Yeah. That I can do, yeah. - Dorian breathed.
Oh, how he was wrong.